Friday, May 1, 2015

Super Foods for Healthy Vision

Super Foods for Healthy Vision


Carrots have adequate amounts of beta carotene that are essentially one type of vitamin A. Carrots get orange color due to the presence of Beta carotene inside them.

In addition to bettering your retinas, carrots can enhance the other crucial functions of your eyes as well.

Green veggies
They are real super foods. Green veggies are huge volumes of zeaxanthin and Lutein. Studies have revealed that both of these nutrients when unified can considerably decrease the odds of suffering from macular deterioration.

For example spinach has Vitamin C which is key to reduce the stress levels onto your eyes. Another equally potent green veggie is kale. Both these vegetables have a huge impact on the health of your eyes.

Turkey meat
Now, this may surprise most of you, however turkey meat contains big volumes of zinc which is the best mineral to consume if you wish to increase your eyesight. Zinc contains a lot of antioxidants and when you combine it with additional antioxidants, you will be able to decrease the chances of suffering from macular degeneration by at least 25% if not more.

The 3 B's
These consist of bell peppers, Brussels sprout along with broccoli. They’ve plenty of vitamin C in them that is key for enhancing your immune structure. Vitamin C protects the cells inside your eyes from damage which considerably minimizes your probabilities of suffering from cataracts, macular degradation & glaucoma.

Consume half-filled cup including any one of the above on a regular basis in order to ensure your eyesight stays intact all the time.

Cold water fish such as tuna fish offer you with the required Omega 3 fats that are essential for controlling the cholesterol levels inside your body. Also, they can help you increase your eyesight. Additional omega 3 sources include sardines and salmon. Make sure to consume at least 1 serving of these fish each week to keep all the eye related issues afar.

Exercises and Workout

Some exercises that target the heart and muscle building can also have positive impact on the eyes and promote good vision, as well. Plus taking proven workout supplements and legal steroids as you exercises is good for overall health.

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