Saturday, February 17, 2007

Simple Stretching Exercise To Avoid Getting Shrunk In Your Old Age

Simple Stretching Exercise To  Avoid Getting Shrunk In Your Old Age

One of things that scare most men during old age is getting shrunk in their physique. Well I believe that fear is well founded because even researchers have discovered that men who shrink in height by about 1 inch (or more) over a period of twenty years are more prone to visit the grave much earlier.

Even if you haven’t being told or heard this truth yet, I believe you must be feeling threatened of the possibility of getting shrunk and become stooped. And a stooped posture makes men ugly and physically unappealing – in addition to the health hazards such as heart disease that accompanies it.

How do you prevent this negative condition? Now, follow these simple but effective 3-stage stretching exercises:

STAGE 1 - Your hand and knees

Go right on the floor while supporting your body with your hands. Practice deep inhaling several times. From the shoulder, allow your body to droop. Let your arms be straight and the toes pointing frontward. Then, gradually let your head assume a backward curve… look up and exhale at the same time.


At this stage allow your hands and feet remain motionless. Breathe in deeply and move up your bottom. Then lower your head as it flexes at your hip. In this same poison, gradually move or ‘shape’ your body to assume an upside down V.


At this last stage allow the body to relax to the position in the 1st stage.

NOTE: Practice this physical exercising stretches at least 12 times, every day for about 2 week. You will notice that your postured, energy, confidence, flexibility and well-being will get better. In addition, it is well recommended that you go through this stretching exercise regularly as part of your weight loss and dieting programs. Do endeavor to add muscle-enhancing pills such as Dbal if you desire to Bulk up or Anvarol if you desire cut fat and lean.

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